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TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS - eCRM3 - The most comprehensive, easy to use concierge software.
Never miss or forget another call, event, detail or request! Our proprietary management technology - eCRM3 - schedules, tracks and manages all Customer Relationships, Requests and Resources; dramatically improving your productivity. With eCRM3 you have the tools to manage your concierge operation from any computer or Blackberry with an Internet connection.

Concierge Resource has customized our CRM solution to mirror your unique business processes. Our proprietary eCRM3 technology helps you control information management and data collection to improve your operations and results to accelerate your success.

Concierge and Customer Relationship Management

Concierge and Customer Resource Management

Concierge and Customer Request Management

"Using this system reduced my data entry and improved my efficiency by about 45%!"
JS, Hospital Concierge

eCRM3 Training and Support:
We build solutions for your business through webinars, on-site training and telephone programs. You will learn the fastest and easiest ways to streamline your business using the eCRM3 technology.

Support and on-call assistance is included in all eCRM3 packages.

>> eCRM3- Click Here for more details on Concierge Management Software

Concierge Resource is transforming the concierge industry by setting unparalleled standards for how services are delivered and how (world-class) concierge company's are run. Learning from us means you get the best thinking in the industry to help you grow.

We live the industry transformation we advocate. As evidenced in our Service Excellence Committment, we state the criteria and demonstrate our commitment to setting world-class standards. This committment is fundamental to our Company and must be agreed to by all concierge staff, our administrative team and our vendors. The level of excellence and service-focus we expect is at the core fabric of how we operate as a company. For more information on our Service Excellence Committment, click to contact our CEO, Todd Wheeler.

Through coaching, consulting and our proprietary technology we rapidly increase the pace of your success. Concierge Resource arms you with the best information, training and tools to help grow your business. As you help your clients appreciate the value of concierge services, our proprietary technology will help grow your business rapidly and effectively.

We teach you how to:

  • Position your services as a strategic business investment to help create and reinforce a high-performance workplace.
  • Deliver a customer-first attitude where customers feel comfortable.
  • Demonstrate the measurable value of helping people manage their work and personal life.

We stay ahead of trends. We share that expertise.


"Your philosophy and mind set about our industry was just what I needed to take me to the next level.
And it did!"

Brooke Milburn, CEO , GoToGals Concierge, LLC

Concierge Success University - REAL Coaching and Training Programs
If you run a hospital, corporation or independent concierge program, let us provide you with the training, tools and technology to deliver the best service to your clients.

40 hours of hands-on classroom and location training at your site or in Denver, Colorado. Areas covered include:

Understanding the Role of a Concierge
Setting Standards for Performance
Delivering, and Exceeding, Expectations
Delivering on a Customer-First Attitude
Challenges and Problem-Solving
Technology - Measuring, Tracking and Reporting to Management
Fiscal Responsibility

This program offers documents and detailed systems training on how to implement and manage your concierge program. Areas covered include:

Sample Legal Contracts
Sample Chart of Accounts
Advanced Policies and Procedures Training
Detailed Office Management, Request Processing and the
Concierge Behavior and Personality
Challenges and Solving Problems
Vendor Screening Process and Requirements
Specific Request Types & Errand Procedures
Report Generation
Best Practices
On-going Support and Management Consulting (Monthly Phone and Online Support)

We offer consulting packages and training on business development, marketing and saless. Please call for more information.

Call today for licensing, training and coaching options 303.883.8001.


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Reference Letters and Testimonials  

“Your philosophy and mind set about our industry was just what I needed to take me to the next level.” Brooke Milburn - CEO, Go-To-Gals Concierge, LLC, SanAntonio,TX

Serendipity! That’s all I can say. I was looking for a Hospital Concierge coach and I found Todd Wheeler.  What I discovered was so much more than a coach.  The guidance, education, and insight that Todd has given me, has been invaluable. Heidi Gottlieb, GoManGo! Port Washington, NY

I do have to say that after talking to Todd, he's turned my way of thinking about the business completely around. I have some serious soul searching to do.THANK YOU! Lisa, Reclaim Your Time

We initially contacted Todd to get some tips in regards to providing concierge services for hospitals.  After one conversation, we found out that we did not even know what we didn’t know.  Todd has assisted us with everything from determining what area of focus we are going to hone in on, understanding the psychology of how major corporations make decisions, preparing sales presentations to meet clients’ needs, to planning for the future growth of our business.  The information that we have gained has far exceeded our expectations.  After each consultation, we are amazed by the amount of information that Todd has taught and provided us within an hour session and the confidence that we have gained through these sessions.  Deciding to hire a consultant was a tough decision for us, as we have very limited funds as a start-up company.  However, it is the best decision that we have made to date.Jennell Carter,Trusted Concierge, Portland, Maine

To say that the values of our consultations are worth the fee is a gross understatement.  Our consultations far exceed anything that we could have ever expected.  Todd makes us think. He provides real situations as examples, and we learn from them.  He is attentive to our needs. He sees where we are at with our business and where we want to be, and he is helping us get there.  Todd is genuine, and he wants us to succeed. We are honored to have him as a teacher, mentor, and friend. Jennell Carter,Trusted Concierge, Portland, Maine

Please know that I believe in your product and appreciate the way you have helped me this far. Ukela Alred, First Class Concierge, Nashville, TN

I was a lost babe in the woods until I found Todd Wheeler. After just three conversations I was blown away! I didn’t know what I didn’t know!  I realize there is probably a lot more I should learn. Mr. Wheeler has been a great help teaching me how to handle the process of interviewing the client to get the details of what they truly want. Then I am in a position to analyze their needs in order to design a customized concierge program that they will appreciate. I was trying so hard to sell my company without considering what the customer wanted. Sometimes they don’t even know what they want until I help them identify their needs. I would recommend him to every person who wants to grow their concierge business. Vickie Newman,  PALS - Personal Assistant & Lifestyle Services, Inc. Proctorville, OH

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