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electronic Concierge Resource Management Software  
  Our proprietary management technology - eCRM3 - is designed by concierge for concierge to schedule, track and manage all Concierge Relationships, Resources and Requests while dramatically improving your productivity. Never miss or forget another call, event, detail or request. With eCRM3 you now have the tools available from any computer or mobile device; or anyplace with a computer-all you need is an Internet connection. Regardless of the size of your organization, if you are just starting out and have 1 concierge or 100, if you have 1 location or 50, this is the system for you.

Concierge Relationship Management
Secure, Comprehensive and 100% Customizable Customer and Contact Management
(Including History, Opportunities, Notes, Events,Tasks, Files, Email, Personal Data)

  • Concierge Portal, everything you need at a glance
  • Personal Day Timer and Customer Task Scheduler
  • Family Information and Preferences
  • Birthdays, Anniversaries
  • History and Notes
  • Notifications, Reminders, Notes and more
  • Secure Email
  • Mailing Lists
  • Company Day Timer and Multiple Calendars
  • Task and Event Invitations, Confirmation and Reminders

Concierge Resource Management

  • Manage People and Teams (employees, vendors and partners)
  • Key Date and Event Reminders, Recurrences
  • Manage and Track Vendors,Time, Equipment
  • Library and Knowledge Base

Concierge Request Management
Details of every request you get

  • What it is
  • Who it's for
  • When it's due, who it's assigned to
  • Confirmation of assignments, email communication
  • Calendaring, Scheduling and Notes
  • Time Tracking
  • Request Status and Categories
Customizable Real Time Reports- Help manage your time by tracking who is using your services, what you are doing for them and for how long. See where you are spending time and making money.
"Using this system reduced my data entry time and improved my efficiency by about 45%!"
JS, Hospital Concierge

Training and Support

Designed to make using our systems easy to use and understand-FAST. There is no time lost, because our systems are seamless to adopt, we build solutions for your business through webinars, on-site training and on-call telephone or internet based programs.

You will learn the fastest and easiest ways to streamline your business. How not to lose or forget things, know exactly where every piece of information is, and be able to access it quickly.

Support and on-call assistance is included in all eCRM3 packages.

Your Personal Concierge Portal, at a single glance:

  • Your Personal Scheduler and Calendar (daily or by the week)
  • Customer Request Schedule
  • Address Book, Files, Tasks, Mailing Lists
  • Fully customizable Views and Access include:
    • Email, Google, Driving Directions
    • Word of the Day, Inspiring and Motivating Thought For The Day

Licensing: Multiple Licensing Options for individuals, company's or multiple locations. Call for licensing, training and coaching details 303.883.8001.

Additional Benefits: Run your company better, manage your time better - make more money.
Day Timer, Scheduling and Calendars: Keep track of all events, plan meetings and invite (and confirm!) participants, and share calendars. Important events, tasks and requests never fall through the cracks.
Customizable Reports: Help manage your time by tracking who is using your services, what you are doing for them and for how long. See where you are spending time and making money.
Secure email: world class virus protected, spam filtered email system.
File Sharing and storage: Easily share files, safely and securely, with the people you want.
Sales Management: Streamline interactions with customers and prospects; starting from prospecting and sales continuing through to post-sale and support.
Mailing List Management: Create individual or shared Mailing lists to send broadcast email announcements to groups of people such as customers, vendors, prospects, employees, boards, shareholders, and others. Publish company news or announcements, events or other information to anyone you want.
Knowledge Base: Create an on-line knowledge base to reduce the burden of supporting employees, customers, partners or others.
Sync your eCRM3 with Outlook, Outlook Express, and mobile devices.
Lowered Operations and Maintenance Costs. Because it is on-demand it means lower operating costs. There is no need to invest in buying, installing or maintaining hardware and software.
Controlled, Secure Access. Instantly and securely make critical data available to desired individuals, at any time, regardless of location. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.
Cost-Free Scalability. eCRM3 scales with you. Companies often struggle with growth, especially in IT. With eCRM3 there is no need to purchase new hardware of software. Your eCRM3 system easily scales with you as you grow so acquisitions and new hires don’t create a burden.
Streamline Your Operations. All the software you need to run your business efficiently is now available instantly. Pick and choose the applications that you need to streamline, standardize and improve communications and processes throughout your organization.
Instant Deployment. With eCRM3 the expense and complexity of implementation are reduced to virtually zero. All you need to do to begin using your software is launch a web browser.
Extreme Affordability. For just pennies a day it’s easy to see why eCRM3 can save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year in TIME, licensing fees, hardware, system support (IT) and end-user management.


Concierge Resource has customized their CRM solution to mirror our unique business processes. With their proprietary software tools (eCRM3), we have been better able to control information management and data collection to improve operations and results through customized tracking and reporting.

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Sample Reports  
  ....without hesitation I determined that this system was a key component in the expansion of my business. I started using eCRM3 shortly thereafter and have been using it continually ever since. 

eCRM3 is THE web based relationship management system every successful organization should invest in. I highly recommend this system to anyone in any business, but specifically anyone in the service business or concierge industry wanting to have the best possible tools. Kelli Barr, At Your Service

The eCRM3 system that has been customized by Concierge Resource for the Concierge industry is awesome! It is an extremely efficient resource and time management tool for all concierge companies.  It provides one place to track everything about your clientel. The system allows you to record phone calls, meetings, errand details and customer information and so much more. It only requires one look up to find and track everything about your customer. It will save you hours of administrative work and allows you more time to focus on your customer. MP, Las Vegas

The system is user friendly and you can easily tweak it to meet your specific needs, but considering that it was developed by someone from our industry, I can't imagine what else you would need to change.

Along with owning a concierge company, I have an IT background. I can address the technical expertise, security and user friendly ease of this system. This system is excellent and is on the cutting edge of technology. The web based availability makes this system portable, flexible and ready to go whenever you are. You no longer have to be "in the office" to access customer data.

I highly recommend this system to all concierge companies.  You won't go wrong. This system is an asset to you and your clients. Marla Jones, Your Professional Helper


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