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  We actively solicit feedback from our guests and clients. The following are just a sampling of the comments we have received.

"I used to split my time between two facilities. With this benefit, I've chosen to work here exclusively." SW, R.N.

"This is my favorite
job benefit!"

"You have saved countless hours of frustration and the project thousands of dollars by helping us avoid dead ends and accelerating our learning curve." John Minter, Ph.D. President, CEO, John Minter and Associates Inc.

"The Concierge Colorado office in my hospital has changed my life. They are the extra hours in the day, a friend you can count on and the reason that I am a better wife, Mom and co-worker." JK, Physical Therapist

"In the hospital, many shifts end outside of traditional work hours. One of our goals in providing concierge services to our employees was to take care of routine tasks or errands, so that when they go home they have more free time to spend on themselves or their families, and that translates into employee satisfaction and retention. I've gotten emails and notes from employees expressing gratitude for this service and how it has really made a difference. The Concierge Colorado employees are top notch. I have no qualms about trusting them with my home, my car or family pet. They approach every task with enthusiasm and never turn anything down. It's their personal touch which really makes the difference." MR, Chief Executive Officer, 475 bed medical center

"Providing this service to our employees helps solidify our position as an employer of choice." Nancy Bodnar, Senior Director of Human Resources, Dalbey Educational Institute

"Your philosophy and mind set about our industry was just what I needed to take me to the next level." Brooke Milburn- CEO of Go-To-Gals Concierge, LLC

"You saved me from taking additional PTO - Again!"


"The mission of our facility is care. Our employees care for patients day-in and day-out, and in turn we want to care for them. We're looking to smooth out that work/life balance. Concierge Colorado alleviates some of the personal angst for our employees. They're always available and they've stepped up to whatever challenge we've put them to. I've heard nothing but compliments." EA, VP HR

"You gave us our week-end back. This is a great service! Thank You! Main Admissions Desk

"This service has saved me PTO/Sick Days and money!" Elizabeth, R.N.

"This is the most exciting and useful benefit I have ever gotten with a job. Thank you! NK, R.N.

"I'm working more hours now but since you are saving me so much time, I can still make enough time for my kids." JK, Physical Therapist

"Every time I walk past your office, I can't help but smile. You always brighten the day for me." SB, R.N.

"By providing concierge services, we've been able to take a load off our staff on the personal side so they can be more focused on taking care of our patients. Concierge Colorado's service runs seamlessly, as a department within the hospital, and it's easy for employees to access. They meet employee needs without the need for active oversite, which is important from an administrative standpoint. They've even adapted their hours so that they can accommodate our night shift. With their never-say-no attitude, Concierge Colorado has satisfied every request under the sun. Our hospital has benefited financially and our employees really take advantage of this unique benefit." HT, Chief Operating Officer, 475 bed medical center

and more..

"You are the very best and are a major factor of why I stay at this hospital." NR, Medical Staff Services

"I am an agency nurse who recently has applied to work for Littleton Hospital in the float pool department. I chose Littleton over opportunities at Porter and Parker Hospital because of the concierge service. Time is what I value. This is my favorite job benefit." MN, R.N.

"I was suddenly hospitalized and needed help as I live alone. Your staff deposited checks for me and delivered them to my mortgage company. I can't tell you how grateful I am for their assistance!" JO, Patient

"I brag about the Concierge services to my friends and family. They are all jealous and wish they could come to work here too." LS, Medical Staff Services

"I cannot estimate the amount of time the Concierge office has saved me. I can clearly say that they have decreased my frustration, and helped me increase my fun time." IS, Medical Staff

"I could feel my blood pressure rising as my husband was figuring out all the errands which he expected me to do. Then I realized that these were things teat the Concierge staff could do. My marriage was saved and I got to spend much needed time with my daughter at the playground." KS, Medical Staff

"The Concierge Colorado service has made a difference in my life by providing me with a means to do many simple but time consuming tasks that if left on my schedule would not get done on time and would certainly cause me stress. It takes only minutes to arrange with the Concierge staff and I always enjoy sharing a laugh and a smile with them." KD, Medical Staff

"Thanks to you, I can enjoy my day off tomorrow." AP, R.N.

"You save me at least 2 hours a week in running around time." AP, R.N.

"Once again, you saved me from taking additional PTO. Thanks so much. You guys rock!!" GL, R.N.

I think of this service as my personal life saver! I am an administrative assistant for two very busy departments, and there seems to always be something going on with either department. The (concierge) staff is willing to help, they are very timely with my requests, professional at all times, and they have a wonderful attitude. I do not have to spend so much time worrying about miscellaneous items revolving around my personal and professional life, so that I can spend a lot more time on my work for these very busy departments. CD, Department Admin

"After recently returning to work following my wedding, I had enough to catch up on, not to mention having to deal with the hassle of getting my name changed. Concierge Colorado 's personable staff assisted me in finding out what I needed to get done in regards to getting my name legally changed. This allowed me to focus on getting caught up with work and reduced the stress of having to do all of that research on my own. I can't compliment the friendly Concierge Colorado staff enough for their help! I was very impressed with the level of customer service I received." AH, PR Specialist

"For the past 6 months, my life has been more efficient than ever.  I saw Todd Wheeler of Concierge Resource give a presentation at a conference I attended last year...   …I have used his training on the many ways to accomplish a multitude of things in my professional and personal life with efficiency.  I am a single mother of three children (who go to two different schools and two different aftercare programs), I work as a model several weekends of the year and I am in school part time finishing my degree.  Oh, did I forget to tell you that I have a full time job as a legal assistant at a downtown law firm.  I have used his ideas and guidance to help me be a better Mom and the ultimate personal assistant.

 I have scheduled repeating events such as going to the gym three times a week, going to the library once a week, taking the kids swimming at the Y, upcoming bills that are due (and I've never missed a payment), a monthly date for the filter to be changed in my house, down to when to shop for groceries and clean the bathroom toilets at home.  LOL!  And there is much more, believe me!  Everything, and I mean everything, has been scheduled.  I even have a 15 minute session every evening to assign events future scheduling and assess how well or how smoothly things are working at that present time.  Yes, I scheduled time to schedule!  I have streamlined my life and am very grateful for the insight Concierge Resource and Todd Wheeler have given my family and me.  Some of the major accomplishments I have been blessed to achieve since implementing this process was buying my first home (three months the ago) and finishing my first novel (last month).  Mr. Wheeler's presentation  helped make it possible to keep all of the balls in the air, so to speak.  I just scheduled myself to send you a thank you card!  LOL!  Thanks!"  Ukela Alred, Nashville, TN


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